We participate in local community services at Brady Elementary School and Grace Point Church organizing the following:
1. Volunteer for breakfast and books: We invite children and arrange a tasty breakfast. We also read the books, so that they can fill out their libraries.
2. Career day: Our speakers prepare certain Q&A involving different professions, which help young students to develop an interest in their bright future.
3. Entertainment: We also do movie nights.
4. When it’s Christmas: During Christmas time, we help put together The Christmas market partnered with a Community Christian Church. We help fundraise for underprivileged families by doing a toy drive.
If you’re interested in participating or attending any of these events, please give us a call to find out more!
We are also proud members of Mission Possible, and donate our dental services to those in need.

What is Mission Possible?

Mission Possible is an urban mission cooperative that serves the people and a community of Aurora, Illinois, with the love of Jesus Christ.
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We go to certain schools to give presentations on maintaining oral health.

Valentine’s Day – Dentists with a Heart Event Every Year

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Veterans Day

We offer free services to veterans of the armed forces every year. We also provide Smile Makeover the ones who are in need. Thank you for your service!

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