Oral hygiene is just as important as the aesthetics of one’s smile. Paying a little extra attention to maintaining optimum oral health can go a long way into giving you the perfect set of teeth and gums. This is why dentists always recommend their patients go for regular oral consultations so that any unnoticed infections and conditions can be handled effectively before it’s too late.

Importance Of Oral Hygiene

One of the main causes of depleting oral hygiene is the accumulation of plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth. They release harmful acids while feeding on the food debris, which has the ability to erode the natural tooth enamel and the decay of the gum tissues as well. It can lead to cavities, gum diseases, receding of gums, bad breath, etc. This is the reason why dentists give so much importance to oral hygiene.

Regular oral consultations include scaling and root planing sessions where the plaque and tartar are removed from the surface of the teeth and the roots. This significantly reduces the chances of developing cavities and gum diseases. Also, the dentist would screen the mouth for other infections, hidden cavities, cysts, tumors, inflammation, etc.

How Often Should You Take Up An Oral Consultation?

Dental exams and consultations should be taken up at least once every six months. However, this can vary depending on your oral health, habits such as smoking, chewing tobacco, susceptibility to cavities, the sensitivity of the teeth and soft tissues of the mouth, etc. In such cases, you may have to take many frequent consultations as per the dentist’s recommendation.

Oral X-Rays

Oral X-rays are a great tool for dentists to check for cavities, oral trauma, malocclusion, growth of unwanted tissues that aren’t easily visible, bone deterioration, etc. We use a highly advanced x-ray tool that reduces the radiation levels significantly, yet provides a lot of details with regard to the oral structure.

Make sure you brush and floss twice every day to ensure the microbes are removed thoroughly. This is the first and most important step when it comes to oral hygiene.

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