A significant proportion of Americans skip their dental appointments as they run on busy schedules. Getting a tooth restoration, such as a crown, bridge, filling, veneer, etc. can take up a lot of time. Sometimes, if dental practices are using the same old conventional method of fabricating restorations, it would require you to visit the dentist for multiple appointments over several days. At Lincolnway dental center, we have the perfect solution to this problem.

We would love to bring to you Planmeca – the most advanced and highly sought-after way to make dental restorations. Planmeca is backed by a revolutionary software that makes the entire procedure surprisingly quick and extremely efficient. Right from the start of the procedure, which is scanning the teeth, till the very end, which is bonding the restoration to your tooth, the software plays a significant role in giving you the best smile possible.

Dental Imaging

Planmeca dental imaging system makes use of panoramic scans to give attention to the smallest of oral features. The system uses a Conebeam CT scanning technique for 3D dental imaging, thereby capturing the oral tissues in great detail. The images produced by it can be viewed in an unlimited number of angles, giving the dentist a better idea of your oral condition. The intraoral imaging system captures images that aren’t visible to the naked eye. The data obtained can be used for fabricating the restoration.

Dental Care Units

Planmeca can be used to treat individuals belonging to all age groups. All you need to do is sit comfortably in the dental chair, and the dentist will use the automated system to scan you and fabricate your restoration. The setup includes a high-resolution screen where the scanned images will be displayed. You can see your teeth in an enlarged view using this, and the dentist will use it to analyze your oral condition.

CAD/CAM Technology

The scanned images will be input to a CAD/CAM machine that is a part of Planmeca. The device will carve out the restoration from a single piece of ceramic with high precision. The entire process will hardly take a few minutes, after which the dentist will retrieve the restoration. If any minor changes are required, the dentist will make them and bond it to your tooth using dental adhesives. You wouldn’t be able to differentiate the restoration from your adjoining natural teeth. Such is the visual resemblance that it will have. Also, the restorations are durable and long-lasting, provided you follow the aftercare instructions.

The best feature of Planmeca is that you can visit our practice in the morning, get yourself diagnosed, and have the restoration fabricated and bonded to your tooth by evening. In a single day, your smile will go through a drastic makeover, giving you the confidence to socialize without being overly conscious of your appearance.

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