Cavities have been one of the most common oral issues of all time. They affect individuals belonging to all age groups and can be a huge pain when it comes to oral health and aesthetics. Dental fillings are used to restore teeth that are affected by cavities. They provide an efficient way of sealing off the cavity and preventing the decay from spreading to the other teeth or the gums.

What Are The Fillings Made From?

Fillings have been used to restore cavity-affected teeth for a long time now. Earlier, Amalgam fillings were the only choice available. Amalgam is a combination of mercury with at least one other metal. However, it had its fair share of advantages and disadvantages, which is why it soon got replaced by tooth-colored fillings.

Tooth-colored fillings can be made from either ceramic or composite resin. Both these filling materials can be made to match the exact color and texture of the tooth enamel, making it quite difficult to visually distinguish them. Also, they offer excellent sealing properties and prevent the tooth from getting reinfected.

Why Should You Choose Dental Fillings?

  • Dental fillings offer excellent durability. Their rate of wear is negligible even with regular biting and chewing of food.
  • They are long-lasting. With proper care and cleaning, they usually last for several years together.
  • The visual similarity between the filling and the enamel of the tooth is high. The material can also be shaped to restore the contour of the tooth exactly like it was before. This way, you can smile wholeheartedly and stop being conscious of your cavity being seen.
  • Fillings combined with a small amount of medication would prevent the cavity from progressing further. Also, it offers excellent sealing properties and prevents re-entry of the microbes into the cavity.
  • Fillings not only help to restore cavities but also help to treat minor cracks and chipping of teeth.

How Is A Filling Applied?

The dentist would screen the teeth infected with cavities to determine whether or not a filling would be required. The cavity will be disinfected by getting rid of the decay and scrubbing the inner walls. It will be etched with a suitable solution to roughen it so that the filling can properly adhere to its surface. Next, a small amount of medication will be placed in the cavity to completely get rid of the microbes and to prevent reinfection.

The filling material will be prepared by matching it with the color of the enamel. Once the perfect mixture is obtained, it will be applied to the cavity and shaped according to the contour required. Once it is perfect, it will be hardened using a curing light. It may be polished finally to improve the aesthetics and the bite will be checked. The dentist would advise you on how to take care of the filling after the procedure.

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