A toothache can be distressing, and the first instinct is to get rid of the pain. A painkiller might help reduce the pain for a brief while, but a toothache usually indicates that you have an oral health problem. Whether the pain is minor or significant, you must consult your dentist at the earliest.

What Causes Toothaches?

There isn’t one reason for toothaches, as dental pain is usually a symptom of a more severe problem. The most common causes of toothache include:

Tooth Decay:If bacterial plaque destroys the enamel surface of your tooth, it can expose the nerve endings within the underlying tooth structure reaching the pulp. When this occurs, it can cause significant pain.

Gum Disease:If plaque accumulates beneath the gum, it can damage the bone and roots that support your teeth. This can lead to loose teeth and aches.

Abscesses: Tooth decay and gum disease can form an abscess to develop below or beside the tooth root, leading to pain and infection.

Trauma: If your tooth gets cracked or chipped and exposes the pulp, it can put you at risk of disease and pain.

Impaction: If a tooth doesn’t erupt from the gums wholly, it can irritate the surrounding nerves, causing pain.

Why Do You Need to See Us?

In most cases, toothaches are a symptom of a bigger problem that can affect your oral health. The longer you put off seeking professional care; the more complications will develop.

When you visit our office for a check-up, we will examine your mouth to diagnose the cause of your pain and suggest the appropriate remedy. This may involve root canal treatment or a filling in the case of tooth decay, placing a crown over an impaired tooth, or addressing your gums. Impacted teeth need to be extracted to prevent infections, while the misaligned teeth can be corrected with orthodontic treatment.

At-Home Toothache Remedies

Gargle Salt Water

Saltwater helps to eliminate oral bacteria and can reduce swelling. Add a quarter and half a teaspoon of salt to warm water and gargle for at least five seconds.

Take a Painkiller

Pain medication such as aspirin can ease severe toothache. The medicine must be swallowed and not applied directly to the gums, as the acid can burn the gum tissue.

 Apply Ice Pack

Place an ice pack over your cheek to help ease the pain. Don’t keep ice directly on your tooth, as toothaches often cause heightened sensitivity to temperature changes.

These home remedies provide quick relief from toothaches, but the effect is only temporary. We need to treat the cause, not the symptom, to banish the pain.


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