There are a lot of reasons why people lose all of their teeth. They include tooth decay, cavities, physical injury, or trauma, among many others.
The good news is that today there are a lot of dental treatments available to help you with this issue.
In this article, Dr. Young H. Kim at Lincolnway Dental Center in Aurora, Illinois, shares insights on teeth replacement options that help remove and replace all your teeth.

Who Needs Complete Teeth Replacements?

Complete or full-mouth teeth replacements are necessary for patients who have lost all of their teeth. In some cases, a number of natural teeth may still be in place but have to be removed.
The dentist recommends full-mouth teeth replacements for patients with tooth loss caused by:
  • Severe decay
  • Bad oral hygiene
  • Gum diseases
  • Contact sports injuries
  • Accidents
  • Cancer

Teeth Replacement Options That Replace All Teeth

Below are some of the common treatment methods for complete tooth loss:

Traditional Dentures
These dentures have a base made of acrylic which is the same color as your gums over which a complete set of prosthetic teeth are placed. They need to be taken care of properly by removing and cleaning them every day.
Your dentist first takes an impression of your teeth and then the dentures are custom-made to fit comfortably inside your mouth. They are an inexpensive option compared to dental implants and also do not require surgery.

Implant-Supported Dentures
These dentures are permanently held in place by dental implants making them more durable and more functional. They can last for a lifetime provided they are taken care of properly.
These dentures look and feel just like your natural teeth and make chewing easier.

Benefits of Full-Mouth Teeth Replacements

  • Implants or dentures help restore your smile
  • The artificial teeth look natural look and help prevent further damage
  • Help rectify speech difficulties caused by tooth loss
  • Help you properly chew food
  • Prevent sagging of the muscles of the cheeks and jaw
  • Restore your smile and give your confidence a much-needed boost
With evolving technology, modern dentistry has solutions for even the most complex issues like replacing all your teeth.

To learn more about full-mouth teeth replacement options, contact Lincolnway Dental Center at (630) 897-1300 or visit us at 648 North Randall Road, Aurora, IL 60506.

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