Achieving healthy and beautiful teeth is not an overnight task but requires a lifetime of care. Whether you have dental fillings or all-white naturally healthy teeth, it is important to pay attention to your oral health.

This involves getting the right paraphernalia, being mindful of daily oral care routines, and watching what you eat. Yes, what you eat also contributes to maintaining oral health.

Chewing on crunchy fruits and vegetables, as opposed to soft junk food, always helps in strengthening teeth. Also, eating sugary and acidic food tends to erode the tooth enamel over time – leading to decay and tooth damage.

In order to prevent such dental issues, watch your daily intake of sugary foods, and practice the following oral health tips:

Brush Properly

The golden rule of brushing twice a day holds good for kids and adults. Do not neglect to brush your teeth before bed, as it is especially important to get rid of the germs and plaque accumulate during the day. Leaving it would let bacteria feed on it and release acids that can destroy your teeth.

Additionally, make sure you focus solely on brushing your teeth when you are at it, without any distractions on your phone or otherwise. Use gentle, circular motions to get rid of debris stuck between teeth.

Pick a Fluoride Toothpaste

While picking a toothpaste that has whitening ingredients and one that has a flavor you like is important, it is equally necessary to make sure it contains fluoride. Fluoride is an effective agent that combats germs that can lead to tooth decay.

Do Not Neglect Your Tongue

Let’s not focus all on the teeth. Plaque can build up on the tongue as well. So, clean it not just to reduce bad breath but also to maintain good oral hygiene. Use a dedicated tongue scraper instead of using a toothbrush for this cause.

Floss Everyday

Flossing twice a day is as crucial as brushing. Many who are disciplined with brushing tend to neglect to floss. Flossing reduces plaque, stimulates the gums, and helps reduce the possibility of inflammation in the area.

Consider Using a Mouthwash

Mouthwashes come with benefits besides being able to get rid of germs in hard-to-brush regions. A mouthwash is a tool that can help reduce the acidity level in the mouth, re-mineralize teeth, and prove effective for children and old people for whom flossing may not be ideal.

Visit Your Dentist At Least Twice a Year

Having healthy teeth or having visited the dentist only six months back is by no means excuses to skip your routine checkups. Visit your dentist twice a year for routine checkups and cleanings. Professionals will eliminate calculus and let you know if there are potential issues that can be treated immediately.

Drink Water

Water has always been the beverage that maintains overall health, including oral health. After every meal, drinking water will help wash out sticky food residue between teeth and clear remnants of acidic substances.

Don’t forget to follow all these tips and stay disciplined with the routine throughout.

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