People may be perplexed as to why the fittings that sit above dental implants are referred to as restorations. The name is derived from the fact that dental implants or restorations improve the appearance and even functionality of the teeth.

If a professional has to extract a tooth due to infection, there is no likelihood of a new tooth developing in its place. Fortunately, dental restorations allow us to restore the patient’s teeth so that they seem natural and function properly. Restorations such as dental bridges and dental crowns can be placed on natural teeth at Lincolnway Dental Center. Some patients, however, choose to replace these restorations with dental implants.

What Is a Dental Implant Restoration?

A dental implant is a titanium threaded screw that is used to replace a missing or damaged tooth’s root. After the gum tissue and bone around the implant have healed, a crown is placed on top of it. This is the component of the operation known as dental implant restoration.

Options for Dental Implant Restoration

When it comes to dental restoration kinds and materials, patients have several options. Patients who need a single tooth replaced will usually opt for a dental crown. Patients who are missing many teeth are better suited for a bridge or denture.

Porcelain and zirconia are long-lasting, natural-looking materials that are used to build crowns, bridges, and dentures. Both of these materials are suitable for usage in the anterior and posterior jaw regions. The color of these restorations will be carefully selected by your prosthodontist to compliment your smile.

The Dental Implant Procedure

The implant is carefully put in your jawbone while you are under anesthetic in the first stage. We may offer soft foods and warm soup after the surgery to aid in the healing process.

The gum tissue around the implant begins to mend during the next step. Similarly, in a process known as osseointegration, the bone surrounding the implant begins to repair, securing it in place. This usually takes between 4-6 months.

When the healing process is complete, you will be ready for dental implant restoration. The implant is subsequently covered with a crown. Consider the crown to be a custom-made tooth that we create just for you. This technology helps us to create a flawless fit while also generating a tooth that blends in with your surrounding teeth extremely naturally.


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