Your wisdom teeth are the molars in the far back corners of your mouth. They usually erupt between your late teens and early twenties and are also the last of the permanent teeth to emerge.

In this article, Dr. Young H. Kim at Lincolnway Dental Center in Aurora, Illinois, shares the common signs that indicate you need to have your wisdom teeth extracted.

Why Do Wisdom Teeth Cause Problems?

Usually, there are a total of four wisdom teeth, one in each quadrant of your mouth.

Wisdom teeth cause oral problems when there isn’t enough room in your mouth for more teeth to erupt. Our small jaws don’t allow 4 additional teeth to come through. This is why wisdom teeth grow in atypical directions and can cause oral problems.

When Should You Get Your Wisdom Teeth Extracted?

Oral surgeons and dentists suggest, and it is also backed by studies, that wisdom teeth must be removed for restorative or preventive purposes when they risk causing:

Pain and Discomfort 

Crowded wisdom teeth that have no room to develop often emerge at an angle. This overcrowding can cause pain, stiffness, and pressure in the jawline.

Gum Disease

According to a study, close to 700 species of oral microbes are present in your mouth at any point in time. Due to the position of the wisdom teeth in the farthest corners of the mouth, they foster more bacteria. These bacteria settle in the spaces between the teeth and gums forming ‘pseudo’ pockets.

These pockets, when left untreated, cause pericoronitis and periodontitis. Difficulty chewing and trouble speaking are the common symptoms of these conditions. Other symptoms may include bad breath and face swelling.

Tooth Decay

It is almost impossible to reach the wisdom teeth with floss and a toothbrush. Inevitably, this leads to food being trapped between the teeth, which can lead to caries in both the wisdom and neighboring teeth as well as other dental issues.

Other Medical Conditions

Research has shown a close link between oral diseases and other medical conditions. Unchecked oral infections get into the bloodstream and affect other body parts. They are said to cause immune system problems, cardiovascular and kidney diseases, stroke, and other health issues.

If you want to know if you should have your wisdom teeth taken out, contact Lincolnway Dental Center at (630) 897-1300 or visit us at 648 North Randall Road, Aurora, IL 60506.

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