Orthodontist in Aurora IL

Although achieving a straight, pearly white smile is important, Lincolnway Dental Center is a premier Orthodontist in Aurora IL that knows that’s not all that orthodontics is about. An even bite and improved jaw function make it easier for you to bite, chew and speak—just a few treasures hiding behind that great smile. Dr. Young H. Kim offers an array of orthodontic treatments and appliances to help you on the path to optimal health. Below are just a few of the orthodontic options you have from Dr. Kim in Aurora, IL 60506.


Teeth Braces Dentist Aurora IL

Dr. Kim in Aurora, IL 60506 offers braces that are made of brackets and wires. The braces are constructed out of metal or tooth-colored ceramic. The tiny, square-shaped brackets are placed either on the fronts of teeth or hidden behind them. Wires are threaded through slots in the brackets. When Dr. Kim in Aurora tightens the wires, they move the teeth into the desired position. Dr. Kim will make periodic wire adjustments according to your personalized treatment plan. For many patients, braces can take up to three years to straighten teeth.

Invisalign Aligners

Invisalign aligners are clear plastic molds made of your teeth. Dr. Kim creates a series of these aligners that adjust your teeth over time. Unlike braces, the soft and smooth aligners don’t scrape against your mouth and they can be removed to eat, brush and floss. They also don’t take as long to straighten teeth. Many adults wear the aligners for only a year before their teeth straightening is complete. Learn more about Invisalign here.


Teeth Retainer Dentist Aurora IL

Lincolnway Dental Center in Aurora, IL 60506 offers retainers to keep your freshly straightened teeth in place. Traditional retainers have a plastic centerpiece that molds to the roof of your mouth. Metal wires are connected to the centerpiece and wrap around your teeth to prevent movement. Dr. Kim in Aurora also offers plastic retainers, which are similar to Invisalign aligners. Rather than changing to a slightly different aligner every two weeks, the same plastic retainer is kept to preserve your teeth’s new position. Permanent retainers are also available through Dr. Kim. These usually consist of wires bonded behind the top or bottom teeth.

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